Boards & Committees

Steering Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Reeni Soni, Section Head – Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg

Comprised of representatives from the departments of health and participating Health Authorities, the Steering Committee acts as an advisory body to the WCCHN partners and to the Deputy Health Ministers. The committee meets biannually and ensures the intent of the Interprovincial Agreement is fulfilled and makes recommendations relating to funding of the WCCHN.

Clinical Operations Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Frank Dicke, Division Head – Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary

This committee is comprised of pediatric cardiologists and nurses from each of the five WCCHN centres and surgeons from the two WCCHN surgical programs. The Clinical Operations Committee is accountable for the five centres and its services, definition and achievement of the WCCHN’s goals and initiatives, quality assurance monitoring, and the implementation of any corrective measures required. The clinical representatives provide recommendations to the Steering Committee on clinical practice, training, research, operational issues, and new initiatives for WCCHN.

Nursing Coordinators Committee

Committee Chair: Lea Legge, Nurse Clinician – Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg

Nursing representatives from each WCCHN centre work collaboratively to participate in joint research opportunities, quality assurance monitoring, and quality improvement initiatives. The nurse coordinators continuously share/develop patient and family education tools to ensure optimal pediatric cardiac care in Western Canada.

Family Advisory Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

The members of the Family Advisory Committee are all parents of children with a congenital cardiac defect. The committee meets on a quarterly basis to collaborate and advise the WCCHN on how to maintain a high functioning, cohesive, collaborative Western Network for Pediatric Cardiology. The committee provides valuable input on ways to improve the experience of cardiac care for patients and families. Recommendations from this committee are reported to the Clinical Operations Chair and WCCHN Steering Committee.

Management Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

Management representatives responsible for outpatient and inpatient areas relating to cardiology meet annually to discuss common issues experienced in each of the five WCCHN centres. Members work together to share administrative ideas to help streamline processes across the WCCHN. Committee members share WCCHN updates with their institution’s upper administration on a monthly basis.

Research Committee

Committee Chair: Dr. Andrew Campbell, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon – BC Children’s Hospital Vancouver

Representatives from each of the Network centres meet quarterly to discuss research projects occurring at each centre. The Research Committee works together to organize collaborative research studies, and to share and streamline research processes within the WCCHN.

PACEWest (Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiologists of Western Canada)

Committee Chair: Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani, Pediatric Cardiologist – BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver

The PACEWEST group was formed in 2008, when there were five pediatric electrophysiologists in Western Canada. It was agreed that collaboration for clinical and academic purposes would benefit all centres. PACEWEST holds regular clinical case conferences; educational sessions and performs many electrophysiology procedures collaboratively. PACEWEST maintains an active dialogue about research.

Fetal Working Group

Committee Chair: Dr. Lisa Hornberger, Pediatric Cardiologist – Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton

The Fetal Working Group was created in 2010 to bring together care providers of antenatal, perinatal, and neonatal patients from the WCCHN centres. This committee collaborates to improve the care of fetal patients including streamlining processes such as prenatal screening and listing, and organizing educational opportunities and research initiatives.

Transplant Nurses Working Group

Committee Co-Chairs: Bernadette Dodd, Clinical Nurse Specialist – Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton , & Lea Legge, Nurse Clinician – Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg

The WCCHN Transplant Nurses Working Group is a collaborative unit that supports its members and encourages professional development and research activities within the WCCHN. Our goals include the provision of consistent quality education of transplant recipients and their families based on evidence and experience. We value the standardization of educational literature and work flow processes so that we are able as a group to ensure a high standard of care to each individual no matter their home centre, we will work as one to achieve excellent pediatric heart transplant services in Western Canada.

Database Steering Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

Representatives from each of the WCCHN centres, the WCCHN office and Information Technology meet on a quarterly basis to discuss ways to promote optimal functioning of the WCCHN Interprovincial Database. The committee works to develop and support consistent data collection policies and makes recommendations to the WCCHN Clinical Operations and Steering Committee as needed to ensure high data quality.

Privacy Officers Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

Privacy officers from each of the WCCHN centres meet with the WCCHN Coordinator on an ad hoc basis to review information and privacy matters pertaining to the WCCHN. This committee advises the WCCHN when changes to privacy laws have occurred and works to ensure that the WCCHN meets privacy standards across all jurisdictions.

Media Relations Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

Media relations personnel from each of the five WCCHN partner hospitals meet on an ad hoc basis to discuss WCCHN profiling opportunities. This committee works together to ensure WCCHN activities and successes are publicized as appropriate in a consistent manner across Western Canada.

Telehealth Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Hadley, WCCHN Coordinator

Several clinical groups within the WCCHN meet regularly to discuss patient care management. Representatives from Telehealth administration and technical services along with key stakeholders from the WCCHN meet on an ad hoc basis to address issues arising from any of the WCCHN Clinical Telehealth sessions and work together to ensure that WCCHN clinical sessions function with the highest quality and clarity possible.

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